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Our Work

Our Foundation is driven by three major pillars: to motivate, inspire, and empower. All our activities revolve around these areas.

Chepkoton Girls Awards

To Motivate

To motivate students to strive for better, the Foundation awards students in our partnering schools in three main categories. 1. Most well-rounded students: students who have excellent academic performance in addition to contributing to school and society through leadership and participation in extracurricular activities. 2. Most improved students who have made a significant academic improvement since joining the school. 3. The best students who score the highest grade in the national exams. 

To Inspire

Through school visits and seminars, the Foundation brings powerful inspirational stories to students. Through these stories, the students learn and get inspired by their predecessors. Stories help them believe in possibilities, give them hope and encouragement.

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Financial Empowerment.jpeg

To Financially Empower 

As we interact with thousands of students, we meet bright students with financial difficulties. With the generous support from our partners and sponsors, we are able to financially support those needy students through all levels of their education and career. 

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